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‘How to Make Money Online in 2018

Let’s Dance with Google for a Living…

Many Americans are in debt trouble, especially as the economy continues to lag and unemployment rates remain high. If you’re struggling to pay your debts, juggling bills and desperately trying to keep your head above water…

Well, struggle no more!

ALERTThe Ultimate Blogging Course To Make Money Online is Here

Blogging Guru Is A Brand New Internet Marketing Course To Teach How To Start Making Money Online through Blogging and also Affiliate Marketing! With 10 Hours Of Step-by-step Training, This Will Be The #1 Blogging Course in 2018!

Let me ask you a question, don’t you love shortcuts? You know, getting stuff done faster and easier… or would you rather take the long, rough road? If you want to stay alive and relevant in online marketing these days, you need to find and use any shortcut available to you….

What if there was a shortcut, to stand out in this competitive market, that could put money into your bank account and that is the complete polar opposite of the same re-hashed content sold over and over again on the internet?

And you don’t need much time, money or technical skills. You don’t need to spend any money on traffic at all. You don’t need to spend countless hours in front of your computer testing out different traffic strategies…

DAILY PERCENTAGESAs some of you may have already discovered the hard way, playing any ‘paid’ advertisement program (PPC, PPV, CPV, CPA, Retargeting…) with insufficient knowledge and experience is Risky. You need MONEY to test things and you have a giant target on your head, at all times … Let me tell you, I’ve invested more than a couple thousand dollars in this source of traffic, running offers on the major traffic platforms, FB Ads, Twitter, Adwords, Bing, and mostly didn’t get anything out of it! And did I mention that you can be banned from those paid traffic networks?

Paid traffic can come from all sorts of online channels but money is required to keep the traffic on, no money = No traffic! There’s a high failure rate because money is required to test offers and campaigns and most people run out of money before finding the winning campaign… Believe me, been there, done that…

No matter what you do and focus on right now, if you can’t make 5-figures RECURRING per month…YOU have no BUSINESS – it is just a WORK (almost like 9-5, just without a guaranteed paycheck). And that is fine, but it will never make you a financially independent, because as soon as you stop working… the MONEY will STOP.

I know. I know. It’s tough to make a decision on something based on some random site you came across on the internet… You’re smart for waiting for more ‘evidence’. But don’t make the mistake of fear holding you back from not getting *in* at all…

When you’re just getting started, Internet marketing can really be overwhelming, confusing and very discouraging, to say the least. You waste a lot of time ‘chasing the dream’ of internet riches and poking around piles of overwhelming information. Take it from me. Been there done that…|

As an online marketer, I understand the pain and fear you may have gone through… But if you can follow step-by-step instructions and find your way around online, this system is for you! You just need to watch the step-by-step newbie friendly video training to get started right away…

This Will Be The #1 Blogging Course in 2017!

The Blogging Guru Blueprint By Patric Chan


Purchasing The Blogging Guru Blueprint is a good place to start your internet marketing journey if you’re on a tight budget. Your investment for this massive package is only a one-time, very affordable $47. When you grab The Blogging Guru Blueprint today, Patric Chan will be throwing in 4 ADDITIONAL FREE PRODUCTS, OR SPECIAL BONUSES. 

The special bonuses have been hand-picked by Patric Chan to compliment the main product,  The Blogging Guru Blueprint. With this online business model you’ll be able to make some serious income, from home, without sacrificing hours at your current job or studies. You can eliminate some of that financial stress by earning extra income with this blogging business model, even if you have a full-time job.

There are three key modules. Each module is divided into many separate training videos and tutorials. Check them out HERE

Module #1: Launching Your Blog

Module #2: Blog Monetization Methods

Module 3: Traffic Blogging

This is NOT a small course. Patric Chan’s Blogging Guru Blueprint teaches you the right skills to make money on your own – right from 1. Setting up a WordPress blog, 2. Customizing your blog, 3. Getting traffic to your blog, and 4. Earning money from your blog in a variety of ways… Plus marketing strategies, affiliate marketing and email list building. There’s a total of 136 step-by-step video training. This is the most comprehensive blogging training out there…
We’re talking of step-by-step training of over 10 hours to teach you “everything” you need to start making money online and transform you from a newbie to a blogging expert, so you’ll be ready to focus on creating your financial freedom!

Pros vs Cons


No hype.Lots of value.Tons of content.
Newbie friendly in depth training. Most of the training is visual. 
Also more advanced strategies later on in the course. 
The Blogging Guru Blueprint is not just some 'push button software'. 
This is not MLM or anything like it... or garbage e-book program. This really works.
The program is legit, otherwise it would not be admitted on the ClickBank platform.

 Your investment for this massive package is only a one-time, very affordable $47.00 

Besides, there’s a 60 day money back guarantee. Patric Chan says that if you’re not totally convinced that The Blogging Guru Blueprint is an awesome investment, you can get a refund AND keep all the training too!!! Cons

The only downside is that to access the content you need to download it. But the good 
part of it is that you can keep the material if you’re not totally convinced that 
The Blogging Guru Blueprint is for you!

Therefore, decide for yourself – if you have a definite plan how to make at least $300 per day on autopilot… it’s AWESOME! Please keep doing exactly what you do to make it happen! But if that is not the case, you must be part of  The Blogging Guru Blueprint.

So stop listening to me, and do yourself a favor, check out

The Blogging Guru Blueprint

OR … Just Keep Reading to Learn How People Used to Make Money Online in 2015/16

2017 Google Sniper 3.0 UPDATE:

  Firstly, let me say that the Google Sniper System was a very valuable resource when it was first created.  Its step by step training covers a wide range of affiliate marketing disciplines and the site is easy to navigate and laid out well. My first-ever commissions were actually from selling weight loss programs using the Google Sniper System. I have actually made good money using the principles in GS… But some of the information in the main PDF is now dated. The Google Sniper System can actually hurt your Google rankings due to changes in the way Google ranks sites these days. 

Some of the back linking methods taught in the Google Sniper course will get you penalized in Google and the other search engines. If your website doesn’t rank in the SERPs (search engine result pages), then you won’t get any visitors from organic traffic. No visitors = NO SALES! I would also recommend you stay away from the spammy social media tactics outlined in the ‘Sniper Cash Machine’ blueprint as they can get your social accounts banned, and/or your internet cancelled.

The “Google Sniper Bulletproof Manual” is the best part of the Google Sniper training. It’s fairly up-to-date and it does have some ‘golden nuggets’ in it, like the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies based on sound marketing principles and its guidelines for site development… But it still refers to the old Google Sniper 2.0 methods throughout the manual. Does the “Google Sniper Bulletproof Manual” justify the price of the entire Google Sniper 3.0 Blueprint? The answer is NO, it doesn’t justify the price for the entire course because you can actually find the same information that is in the “Bulletproof Manual” HERE, FOR FREE…

Google Sniper 2.0 Pdf Free Download 

Google Sniper 2.0 pdf Manual - Free Download Here

Download Google Sniper 2.0 Pdf for Free

In short, I would have to say that you should search for fresh, current, and updated training. When comparing Google Sniper 3.0 blueprint with The Blogging Guru Blueprint, there really is no doubt that The Blogging Guru is superior in all aspects of training and resources.  It is probably the most up-to-date online marketing training course out there right now.

The course is set up chronologically so you can follow it step by step. If you follow the very newbie friendly step-by-step guides and videos, in no time you’ll learn how to set up a blog from scratch and how to eventually make money from it.

Check out The Blogging Guru Blueprint HERE!


This is my 2016 Google Sniper Review

Google Sniper 3.0  ‘The Ultimate Make Money Online PDF’ in 2016


Google Sniper is the #1 selling Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing Program on ClickBank in 2016 , according to the CYBER CODER DATABASES (updated daily) Check it out, click the link and scroll down to the middle of the document… Now that you’ve confirmed that, and if you decide to purchase the product, buy from a fellow affiliate not from the vendor. It won’t cost you more (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Google Sniper was the world’s best-selling make money online program in 2015

Treat your audience as king 2

After a full year of development… The Record Breaker is BACK with a whole new product, completely updated and revised for 2016. With over 100+ hours of NEW training and a fresh new members area… this is by far their best ever product…


The All New GOOGLE SNIPER (3.0) PDF REVIEWHey, D. Gasçon here. Welcome to Make Money Online Pdf and The Ultimate Make Money Online Blueprint … 

Sounds like the claim of every second product on the web, doesn’t it? But there’s a difference… this comes from George Brown , a guru with a verifiable history of millions in sales online.

Let’s face it… we all know the only real way to survive in today’s competitive environment is NOT by working harder… But by working SMARTER! And that’s the Philosophy of George Brown!

Back in 2013 George Brown and Google Sniper changed everything for me. Google Sniper taught me all I needed to get started making some money almost right away. And Google Sniper is still solid in 2016. Google Sniper is a great introduction to Affiliate Marketing – easy to follow training manuals, videos, monthly webinars and one on one support. Google Sniper is a system that can be used by anyone.

Before we go any further let me say this, I will only list courses that I have tested myself. I promote Google Sniper because it has worked for me. It has helped me to get higher search engine rankings. It’s a genuine way to get ranked on Google and other search engines. I’m a huge believer in small bite sized pieces of teaching and George Brown has definitely taken it on board with this…

And now after thousands of Google Sniper success stories, NEW modules, and over 100+ hours of NEW, updated training, Google Sniper 3.o is a whole new method of learning. It’s delivered so differently from the previous versions but still works completely with free traffic.

So, Google Sniper isn’t some old outdated Internet Marketing blueprint. The system just plain works and is producing great results for members right this very moment… and if you are willing to work hard, have patient, and put these proven methods to good use then it can also work for you.

Here’s how you can tooThe all New Google Sniper 3.0 PDF - THE ULTIMATE MAKE MONEY ONLINE PDF The Method?

The Google Sniper Formula of success for Affiliate MarketersSpending a few hours a day building small ‘Sniper’ sites and following the Google Sniper formula that easily ranks them in Google and other search engines. . All you have to do is pick a specific keyword(s) to target, find a matching domain, and set up a WordPress site in just minutes. You then add ‘quality content’ related to the topic you have chosen. The trick is, you have to find long tail keywords (with ‘low competition’ and a fair number of monthly searches) that will rank high on Google. As people search and find your sites you make money through recommending related products and making a commission from each sale.


Check out Google Sniper affiliate marketing for beginners training course



Google Sniper 2.0 pdf Manual - Free Download HereGoogle Sniper 2.0 Pdf Free Download 

Download Google Sniper 2.0 Pdf for Free

Google Sniper Scam?

Google Sniper is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s the product marketing strategy that makes it look like a scam (hyped up sales copy with flashy screenshots of CB & PayPal accounts, etc.)  THAT’S WHAT I DON’T LIKE ABOUT GOOGLE SNIPER…

Although I prefer to cut out the BS (you won’t see those hyped up banners here)… ‘HYPE‘ is and will always be used to sell in any market. Hype sells. It sells because that’s what people want to see. Short term, hype sells, long term, value sticks…

Quote about Google Sniper from an online marketer/ affiliate marketerWarrior forum comment From a Top Marketer

With that being said…

Check out what the Google Sniper Blueprint is all about

This review comes from firsthand experience with the product …

Google Sniper Dream Team - LEADING BY EXAMPLE IN THE INTERNET MARKETING COMMUNITY-George Brown and The Google Sniper ‘Dream Team’-

George Montagu Brown is the creator of the system itself (that made him his first money online allowing him to quit his job as a furniture mover way back in 2008!). This system still remains one of the most powerful and simplest ways to make money online out there. Google Sniper teaches you how to create niche websites (site setup and optimization to sell digital/ physical products and affiliate marketing programs), and rank them high in Google and other search engines. Google Sniper, the number 1
home-business product 3 years in a row, is a proven course that has past the test of time and has thousands of success stories.

MAKE MONEY ONLINE FOR AFFILIATE MARKETERS - GOOGLE SNIPER - HOW IT WORKSSince the inception of the original Google Sniper, ‘sniping’ has become ‘the’ way to get ranked for low competition keywords with high search volume in the search engines. And his essential teaching is still rock solid. Google Sniper has been revised and updated to work better with the newer SEO modules.

But even before been updated, Google Sniper was far better than any of the hundreds of ‘guru’ product launches and “push button software’s” that seem to pop up every month. You see, some ‘gurus’ out there don’t care if you ever make a dime with their re-hashed products. They’ll tell you that they can teach you how to make thousands of dollars overnight. BS. I’ve given more money to those shady gurus than I like to admit… All I got was the same old rehashed information that you’ll find re-posted all over the web. I only wish I had found Google Sniper when I first started out.

But from the very start, you can just tell Google Sniper is different. Google Sniper has created more success stories than just about any other internet marketing course. Google Sniper does work. That’s the reason why so many Internet Marketers use it as the base of their marketing strategies. If you follow the instructions laid out in the course, I’m confident you’ll be able to achieve some amazing results. Just like many have before you…


What You Need and Don’t Need…

Affiliate marketing with Google Sniper 3.0 intro - what's all about?YOU DON’T need any previous experience
YOU DON’T need any technical expertise
YOU DON’T need to know how to generate traffic
YOU DON’T need to spend time on Link Building
YOU DON’T need to spend money on advertising
YOU DON’T need an email list / subscribers
YOU DON’T need to be an expert in any market
YOU DON’T need to be an experienced salesperson
YOU DON’T need to know about PPC, PPV, JV’s, forum marketing, article marketing, using social media sites, or any of that other stuff. And you are not paying for every person who clicks your ad (Adwords).

What You Need…

The only thing you need to know is how to use the internet. That’s it! Google Sniper is a proven strategy that works, is taught well and can be picked up by anyone. The system is EASY to implement. It will take you through setting up your WordPress site, -Word Press sites are known to rank high in Google for keyword phrases within the SERPS (search engine result pages), finding a niche, discovering high volume targeted keywords, picking a product to promote, and getting in indexed by Google.

Google Sniper 3.0 BlueprintAfter this, it really is ‘commission on autopilot’. Yes, the training is extensive, but it’s a step-by-step process. The amount of $money$ that you will earn depends on you, on your work and focus, your desire and commitment to succeed; your dedication to learn and your persistence.

It also depends on the products you choose to sell. But yes, you can easily make $300+/mo per site when you follow the Google Sniper blueprint. And that’s a great start!


Google Sniper – Who’s it for?

Google Sniper is useful for everyone who is interested to learn about Internet Marketing, setting up sites and learning the basics of SEO, but is NOT a Get-Rich Quick Scheme! As a Beginner, you will probably get to MAKE MONEY ONLINE PDF - GOOGLE SNIPER who is it for?earn from $50 to $300 a month, based on the content provided in your site (original content that adds value to the market you are serving), and the products you promote (ClickBank products give higher commissions).

Google Sniper has worked for so long because the core is to create genuine content for your Google Sniper sites. High quality content that solves peoples’ problems. You see, ‘content marketing’ is king! This content brings you to the page 1 of the search engines. It brings you quality ‘free’ traffic that you actually pay for (in terms of quality content rather than money), Google rewards the best most relevant content.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE - GOOGLE SNIPER 3.0 - StrategiesGeorge Brown offers incredible value, especially to anyone who is a newbie to Internet Marketing. Learn the basics of how to make money online with ‘no cost’ affiliate marketing (you need to buy domain(s) + hosting though). The key here is the choice of the correct keyword to target. It is critical to find keywords, in a high traffic niche market, with high search volume and almost no (or very weak) competition. The targeted keyword must already get buyer traffic on its own. Then create single page money sites (around the keyword) that rank very well within the SERPS (search engine result pages). The course also teaches you how to create custom squeeze pages and how to bring Google Sniper Offline.

Based on my 2 years experience of “Google Sniping”, I can honestly say that even now after all the Google ‘algo’ updates Google Sniper does still work.  But you will need to ONLINE MARKETING - my experiencedo some extra work. The days of throwing up a three page website and generating cash spitting virtual atm’s (sniper sites) are over. You will need to do some traffic generation – especially post Panda and Penguin – and broaden the focus (i.e. not just concentrate all your efforts on one keyword phrase) so your blog or web page comes up in the top few results of the search for more than one keyword.

It requires some extra work, that’s all, as it certainly isn’t ‘as easy’ as it was when the product first came out in 2009, but that extra work will guarantee that you make money online, as I continue to do so employing the Google Sniper techniques, despite the newer SEO modules.

NEWSFLASH regarding those newer SEO modules –  Despite all the search engine marketing (SEM) hype over social signals, Google’s Matt Cutts recently confirmed (check out the video) that they don’t use social signals — like Facebook likes, tweets, or MAKE MONEY ONLINE PDF - GOOGLE SNIPER 2.0 - what about SOCIAL FOLLOWERS ?Pinterest pins — to rank sites. Social signals are NOT a ranking signal. So NO follow a zillion people on twitter crap needed… Oh, and BACKLINKING is still a quality over quantity game, and the RELEVANCE of the site’s ‘theme’ in regards to yours. Getting a link from a high PR page used to work all the time, but today, ‘relevance’ is the new PR. It seems like most of the top sites have very few links at all. On the other hand, INTERNAL LINKING (linking between pages/posts within the same website) is a big part of a successful SEO strategy. And so is QUALITY CONTENT. Quality content plays a big part when it comes to rankings in Google. And guess what (?) this is exactly what Google Sniper teaches…


The Google Sniper Formula

Google Sniper 3.0 THE Formula

MAKE MONEY ONLINE - GOOGLE SNIPER - Climbing the ladder of SUCCESSThe Google Sniper course also covers a few great case study sites that show you, on video, some of the mistakes most people make when creating a Google Sniper site, and how to fix them using the Google Sniper outline. George Brown helps people learn using a step-by-step approach, you can watch George Brown as he does the work, taking you by the hand and showing you in real time how he creates the sites. Actually he will teach you how to build an empire of these sniper sites. And those clips are so easy to follow that even a child could do it. George Brown is always coming up with webinars and new tutorials to generate traffic and income. There’s also a great deal where you go with ‘their’ hosting company and the site is ready to go, ‘built’ and ‘monitized’ for you.


They hold 2 live webinars every month. This are NO-pitch, 100% content webinars that’ll give you a chance to get your questions answered and sites reviewed. If you’re having trouble getting started with your first Sniper website, whether it’s setting up your wordpress blog, writing your posts or even simple things like web hosting, make sure to register and attend the  bi weekly Q&A webinar. The dates for these webinars are the 10th and 25th of every month. So lookout for emails 5 days before each one tAFFILIATE MARKETING - Affiliate Marketers solving the puzzlehat’ll give you instructions on how to register for each webinar.

The PDF book itself, along with related videos, process maps, software, webinars, trainings, rolodex, Sniper X (bonus training) and other great content provided by George Brown, creator of Google Sniper, are included in the package. You can give it a try for just $1, or get full access for $47, as your purchase is backed up 100% by ClickBank Refund policy as well.


Check out below a few snapshots of the new Google Sniper back office…

George Brown has revised almost all of the original guides for the New Google Sniper 3.0!

Google Sniper backofficeUPDATED VIDEO MODULESGoogle Sniper Module 1- intro for Internet Marketers

Google Sniper Module 2 - Tutorials for online marketers

Google Sniper module 3 - tutorials for affiliate marketers

Google Sniper tutorials for online marketers

Google Sniper module 5 - Interner Marketing Tutorials

Google Sniper module 6 - affiliate marketing tutorials

Google Sniper module 7 - online marketers tutorials

Google Sniper back office Process Maps for affiliate marketers

Be sure to collect George’s awesome Google Sniper bonuses


And here are The NEW Additions…

Welcome to GOOGLE SNIPER 3.0

1. The Bulletproof Module

  • The biggest addition to Google Sniper ever made.
  • A completely new manual that teaches you how to turn your Sniper site into an authority site to withstand Google updates, plus so much more.
  • It takes the original system and virtually guarantees success with any and all of your sniper sites.
  • Helps your Sniper sites rank and make money turning simple $300/month sites into $3k/month sites. It gives you that REAL hands off income.

2. The Sniper Cash machine

Here is where you need to start if you need to make money online right away…

  • A series of very simple traffic techniques, free to set up and designed to make you sales within the very first day.
  • It can be applied to any website but it can also work with just your affiliate link, no website required.
  • Secret tricks and strategies created by Google Sniper students to make money online and doing it for free.

3. Sniper X Bonus Traning

  • Two LIVE coaching webinars a month
  • See how other snipers are performing
  • Submit your own Sniper site for analysis
  • Live sessions of Q and A – They answer each and every question. I mean, what other system does this (?) And get the chance to actually have George and/or Anthony help you LIVE get started making your first dollars. They are always a blast too so make sure you attend.
  • Easily access all webinar replays.

4. The UPDATES section

The new ‘Updates’ section for Google Sniper members to keep you regularly updated to any new Google search engine algorithm UPDATES. These changes, which are essential to know for your Sniping business, occur several times a year. To improve/maintain your position in the SERPs and your organic traffic it’s important to keep up to date on any algorithm updates because even Small Changes, can have Big Impact! So head over to the ‘Updates’ section to get up-to-date information to update your sites with!

 So There YGoogle sniper - ROAD To SUCCESS with affiliate marketing/ Internet marketingou Have It…

  • The Newly Updated and Expanded Google Sniper PDF
  • Videos that walk you through the Google Sniper system (completely updated)
  • Further training – new content and case studies about sniping
  • The Empire module – teaches users how they can create a full size Empire network from small Sniper sites.
  • George’s Rolodex of useful tools & resources
  • Sniper X – Bonus training for more advanced snipers
  • The Bulletproof Module
  • The Sniper Cash machine

Google sniper Lessons and videos - Google Sniper - Make Money online Pdf

 After you’re done with your first Sniper Site, rinse repeat and make many more of these cash spitting websites… a tiny stream is the starting point to rivers of abundance…


Google Sniper PDF – The Ultimate Make Money Online Blueprint completely updated and revised for 2016. . .

Chapter 1 : Finding a Profitable Market and Keywords

In this chapter, George Brown teaches how to find profitable markets and keywords by evaluating traffic and competition.

Chapter 2: Building the Google Sniper Foundation

In the second chapter, George Brown explains the first steps of Sniper Site creation.  How to select a good domain name, how to setup hosting and how to use WordPress to setup a website.

Chapter 3: Conversion Rate Tactics and Killer Presell Strategies

In this chapter you’ll find strategies to maximize the conversion rate of your site (making the most of your traffic by getting as many of your visitors to buy your product(s) and how to pre-sell the product you’re promoting by using killer pre-selling tactics and strategies to maximize your sites profitability.

Chapter 4: Optimizing Your Sniper Site for Google Domination

The fourth chapter, covers what WordPress plugins are really essential as well as how to set them up (step by step). It also explains concepts such as keyword density and content creation. In other words, setting up your Sniper site for Google domination

Chapter 5: Setting up Affiliate Links and Maximizing Your Conversions

This chapter explains how to place affiliate links throughout your Sniper Site, and what should those affiliate links say to get the optimal conversion rate. It also covers link cloaking and why it is important for Sniper sites.

Chapter 6: Setting up Your Sniper Site (Technical stuff – Step by Step)

This chapter covers how to create/add content to your sniper site. All about creating your Sniper Site for google domination.

Chapter 7: How to Gain Authority in Record Time by Getting Ranked

In chapter seven, George Brown explains Off page optimization. How to get your sites ranked in Google and other search engines to gain authority in record time. How to do link building, how to notify Ping Servers that a website content has been updated (pinging), how to integrate youtube videos to your content etc.

Chapter 8: Scaling up the Google Sniper Business Model

In the final chapter of the manual, George Brown explains how to effectively scale up the Google Sniper business model into a $10,000 per month business, by leveraging services, tools, and outsourcing your online marketing tasks.

Yes, the training is extensive but it includes videos that walk you through the whole strategy. the strategy actually kicks ass! It takes you on average about 2-4 hours to create a Sniper site, and this includes everything from researching a niche to finding a product to promote (if you follow the steps correctly). After this, it really is all systems go…

● This system is EASY to implement.
● There’s NO traffic generation required.
● There’s no need to dedicate countless hours each month.
● And it’s generated more online success stories than any other course…


George Brown - Welcome to the All New Google Sniper ProgramFor your reference, George Brown has also created ‘Process Maps’ that go through the entire Sniping process from start to finish, so you can follow along and check back when building future Google Sniper sites and some pretty cool software, brand new video training series, live Q & A webinars, and other great tutorials. There’s also a special 25 minute video where George Brown shows you how you can use everything you learn in Google Sniper to have a massive 4 figure payday by piggybacking on big product launches. Google Sniper is without a doubt the best affiliate marketing for beginners training course ever created.

Google Sniper is The Ultimate Make Money Online Blueprint…

So far, so good, but Does it Work?

Ongoing profitability with Google Sniper SitesThere is this misconception out there that the ‘sniper’ model of building single-keyword-focused sites, and focusing all efforts on ranking them for the chosen keyword, no longer works in this post-Panda, post-Penguin world. This is all based on a faulty  understanding of these algorithm updates and how they impact a site’s place in Google’s search results. 

You can find Google Sniper sites on Google front page for almost everything under the sun, so people are using and applying George Brown’s techniques… Check out these three Google Sniper sites that have stayed on page one of Google for couple of years now… #1 ,#2, #2 for google/ bing & yahoo (pg1, pg1, pg1) #1, #5, #3 for google/ bing, yahoo (pg1, pg1, pg1)
#7, #3 & #3 for google/ yahoo & bing (pg1, pg1, pg1)) #4, #14 & #13 for google/ yahoo & bing (pg 1 & pg 2, pg2) #7, #1 & #1 for google/ yahoo & bing (pg2, pg1 & pg1)

Google Domination with Google Sniper Sites These are sites built with the Google sniper method – single-keyword-optimization of EMD (exact match domain), keyword in title, page, body, H1 tag, etc.


Still don’t believe there‘re thousands of Google Sniper sites on Google front page? Check out this video…

Sniping the Snipers on Google Pg 1



Why Google Sniper?


MAKE MONEY ONLINE - GOOGLE SNIPER STATISTICS Google Sniper 2.0 is probably the best quality product on the front page of Clickbank, and the number one seller, 4 years running. Google Sniper is a top ranked ClickBank product with extremely high conversion rate, and extremely low return rate in the Clickbank Statistics. The offer has been going for almost 4 whole years. That means people are buying it AND keeping it. Check out the ClickBank statistics chart… Record braking convertions year after year. It only gets better…

Google Sniper Refund Rate - *Ridiculous refund rate of only 14%

Ridiculous refund rate of only 14% –  ClickBank charts don’t lie


I Took My Affiliate Marketing Journey From Failure to Success…

Here’s one of my happy customers….




To Conclude

Affiliate Marketing / online marketing for newbies

The only way to learn affiliate marketing is with a structured, “do this, do that” training method, a step by step training program. The Blogging Guru Blueprint offers that and much more, especially to anyone who is a newbie to Internet Marketing. You will have a basic/ intermediate but solid understanding of online affiliate marketing. So if you’re STILL trying to make those first dollars online… if you’re serious about learning how to make money online and are willing to put in the work, do yourself a favor and check out The Blogging Guru Blueprint. And avoid getting scammed in this dog-eat-dog industry!


You rock, you made it all the way to the end of my (long) review …

I’d like to leave you with one thought.  I hope you have a place to put it

Ongoing Profitability with Google Sniper Affiliate Marketing/ Internet Marketing Program

I hope this review is helpful in guiding your course of action…

I did my best to provide the information you need to make a smart buying choice. If right after reading this review you go and  place your order directly with the advertiser (on the Google Sniper site) I will not get credit for that order, and I’d love to have your support…

Here’s to your ongoing profitability,

  And thanks for reading!

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