MAXIMIZE IM Profit in 2018

Affiliate Marketing beginner tips on how to MAXIMIZE your sites profit in 2018…

Million dollar challenge 1 Affiliate Marketing BasicsGreat beginner tips for successful affiliate marketing aimed at the beginner, newbie or starter that wants to learn with a step by step approach…

Tip # 1 – How important is keyword relevancy in the domain name

Since Panda MAKE MONEY ONLINE PDF - GOOGLE SNIPER 2.0 - GOOGLE MATT CUTTSand Penguin, Google’s major algorithm changes to how they rank websites, (Panda is aimed at fighting low quality content; Penguin, is aimed at fighting webspam in search results), there has been a lot of concern from people about Google’s 2012 adjustments of how sites created with EMD (exact match domains) are now handled by Google. I can tell you from firsthand experience that Red arrow down:menyou won’t get penalized for having an exact or partial match domain unless your site is over-optimized or you have a low quality website with poor content (spinning and scraped content). The same applies to non-EMD domains. Sure, before September 2012, there was a bigger exact match domain bonus, now that bonus is smaller, but still exists ! ! !


Proven advantages of an exact or ‘partial’ match domain in the ‘URL addresses’

Having the right keywords in the ‘URL addresses’ and ‘titles’ of your site will help you rank better for those keywords/ improve your results for those keywords …

MAKE MONEY ONLINE PDF - GOOGLE SNIPER 2.0For example, if you type in the search term “credit cards”, the #1 result in Google is  Some of the lower results include American Express, Citi Cards, and Discover Cards.  So all of the lower results actually offer Credit cards (they are credit card companies).  However, the #1 result – – is actually just an affiliate site.  What’s even more fascinating is the fact that they have fewer backlinks than the other results! has about 15,700 to the ranking page and the #2 result – has much more – 803,000!

Quoting Matt Cuttis, “You can still get away with ads if you are authoritative enough or if you have a domain that is seen as a good match to the search query or a brand search.” chat with Matt Cutts (hangout). That’s RELEVANCE.

NOTE: Even after the 2012 Google update, your EMD (Exact Match Domain) still has an ‘unfair advantage’ over a non-EMD in the search engines. WHY? Because not only it’s more indicative of what your site is about, it also benefits you in your social media marketing, as your domain name becomes the brand in itself, positioning your website as trustworthy site.

EMD 2012 update

Tip # 2 – Tips on how to choose appropriate keywords

Tips on how to choose keywords - Make Money Online PdfTry to narrow the focus of your niche. For example, if I have a site within the cooking niche, a popular sub niche would be ‘Italian cooking’. Now, try narrowing your search down even more, to a single category of Italian cooking, such as ‘Pasta’. Then, choose a single topic within Pasta, like for example ‘Top Pasta Sauce Recipes’.

Tip # 3 – Is Content Marketing the New SEO?

Relevant and Heavy Content is Your Opportunity to Stay Afloat

MAKE MONEY ONLINE PDF - Content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the houseThis is the age of content marketing, and it applies to affiliate sites now more than ever. As an affiliate, you should REALLY be focusing on providing value to visitors. Content marketing works for any type of website and for any type of niche. Content marketing provides many opportunities for affiliate marketers or small businesses to upload relevant content through their websites, blogs, fan pages, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, and finally get their pages ranked with Google and the other search engines… gotta love free/organic traffic! But In order for others to link to your content, it has to be worthy of linking to in the first place. So, focus on creating high quality content that’s ENGAGING, RELEVANT and UNIQUE – that is the kind of stuff Google and other search engines want to make sure stays high in the rankings. Believe me, search engines can tell when you provide value.

Content really is king. But not just ANY content, otherwise scraped content blogs and CONTENT IS KING - MAKE MONEY ONLINE PDFcontent farms, that offer the visitor no value at all, would be killing it. Content should be at least 2000 words. The length of the article is REALLY important. The longer the content, the better it tends to rank in Google. Make sure that you write attractive headlines to ensure people will read your content, and that you have the design to back it up. To mitigate shortage of skill or expertise in some areas of website creation, the Google Sniper ‘Empire Module’ will show you how and where to ‘outsource’, so you can focus on growing your Sniper sites empire.


Tip # 4 – The visual side of your content and content Depth are extremely important

According to many eye tracking studies people’s eyes naturally gravitate towards ‘Images’

MAKE MONEY ONLINE PDF - GOOGLE SNIPER 2.0 - HERE;S TO YOUR ONGOING PROFITABILITYImages increase your website visitors engagement. The phrase ‘A picture paints a thousand words‘ illustrates the importance of images when marketing a product. A good image will sell more than any clever description. Graphics can tell a story and have the power to create an emotional response in the audience. One tip: for photo editing check out Canva and PicMonkey (not affiliate links). Another important aspect of content is Depth. Depth is what most of today’s online content lacks. don’t just skim the surface of a topic, create an in-depth piece. This type of content leaves very little guesswork. At this point you should have one piece of content ready to rock.


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock  you are aware of the growing importance of creating and incorporating video as part of your content strategies… Check it out HERE

A Responsive Theme

Your mobile friendliness score is a must for good rankings

Google’s 2015 update – Mobile-Geddon – will have a big impact on any site that doesn’t have a Responsive theme (web design). In other words, on any site that is NOT ‘mobile friendly’- period.

What is a Responsive Theme ? A responsive theme simply means the website will automatically adjust to the device’s screen viewing it.

If your website isn’t ‘mobile friendly’ and besides it is slow loading, you are going to find your site slipping in the rankings FAST. Check your mobile friendliness score using Google’s new mobile friendliness tool HERE.

Good user experience keeps users engaged with your site

Bad user experience can hurt your site’s ranking in search results…

MAKE MONEY ONLINE PDF - GOOGLE SNIPER 2.0 - HERE;S TO YOUR ONGOING PROFITABILITYSo if your site has great engaging, original content, images and videos a responsive theme AND you have EMD (exact match domain) or partial match domain keywords in your domain, the better off you are! What you then have are pages that deserve to rank for your keywords rather than pages that you ‘struggle’ to get ranking. If you couple that with my Affiliate Marketing beginner tips,  you are on to a winner!


Tip # 5 – Get the Real deal

Google Sniper 2.0 - The Real DealSo many products are awful these days (outdated Courses, Get-Rich Quick Schemes and Push Button Softwares that promise riches and an easy pathway for very little effort in return. That’s NOT how affiliate marketing works! Instead of hopping from program to program, never really getting anywhere with any of them, why not follow one with real success stories?

This lesson I learned the hard way, way back in 2012 when I first started my affiliate marketing journey..

Therefore, decide for yourself – if you have a definite plan how to make at least $300 per day on autopilot… it’s AWESOME! But if that is not the case, you must be part of the Auto Home Profits System. Learn how to achieve Financial Freedom with passive income. Take action now!


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  1. You’re right about video. The amount of time people spend watching video is increasing 50% year over year.
    Some of the most profitable videos online are made with nothing but free tools.Even 10 year olds doing it everyday

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