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Never heard of SEO?SEO even your granny would understand

How would you describe SEO to somebody that never heard of it before?

One might think SEO is rocket science that only a few experts have mastered! For an explanation

even your granny would understand take a look at this infographic from iCandy Graphics

Don’t Get SEO Here’s an Explanation Even Your Grandma Would Understand

Good Design Gets You Far…

  • Organization is important. When it comes to effective web design ‘layout” is the foundation and ‘elements of composition’ are the building blocks, but ‘balance’ rules the house. Every individual element should look like it belongs and should complement the design as a whole.
  • Easy access/clear intuitive navigation is crucial. A visually-distracting site can clutter your message. Clutter is the Number One killer in web design. The overall composition needs to allow the information to flow and be easy to consume. The more accessible your site is, the more standards compliant it is. A clean, uncluttered approach to design is always a win-win situation. The cleaner the design, the better it will fare with search engines.
  • Search engines like text not Flash. Many people insist on using Flash to show animation on their websites. What most don’t know is that Flash can block an engine’s crawler right at the entrance. Text in a Flash website cannot be read by search engines. Besides flashy websites don’t look good on wireless devices and nowadays a large majority of Internet users visit websites from mobile phones or tablets. Ensure your site is responsive and works on mobile devices.

Yes, Good Design Gets You Far But…

If your website is just sort of a ‘beautifully designed online catalog‘  pretty much the only visitors that will ever make it to your site are people that get referred directly from somewhere else, or folks that are handed a business card by someone. A lot of websites come across as more of an online brochure.

To attract new visitors you need to rank well in the Search engines for words that your potential customers might be searching for…

5 Super-easy SEO tips to rank organically…

By that I mean to rank 4free in the Search Engines for words that your prospects/potential customers use when searching for your products…

  •  Provide unique content that people want to read and update with new content on a regular and frequent basis. Write something that people find useful. ‘Relevance’ is Imperative if you want to drive qualified traffic that convert. For many years, there has been a quest to be on #1 even for those keywords that were unlikely to give any business significance and that’s just nonsense! If you’re implementing something JUST for SEO it will probably come back to haunt you. Remember, the motivation of Search Engines is to provide their users with the most relevant results for their search so if you implement something to improve the site for your users it will ultimately help your SEO. If you’re looking for new customers then deliver customer-focused content – Stop trying to advertise in your content. Content is about the customer’s needs, wants and hopes. Stop trying to advertise in your content. Talk about your customers’ needs, problems and pains, and present them with a solution, highlighting the benefits and end results of what your product or service provides.
  • Put yourself in the mindset of your target audience. Think of terms people will search with and get those into your content and meta tags (title tags, heading tags). Start with a list of three to five keywords that completely summarize what your business does. Write titles and headings that are clear and contain those terms (keywords). Title tags/heading tags are the most important element that the Search Engines look at to identify and categorize your page. Use ‘unique’ long tail titles and content on every page. If you make your Title tag keyword rich, then your post permalink (the url linking to the post) should be keyword rich as well.
  • Meta Description – Often the default meta description will be used. Other times though, Google will dynamically create this description based on the search query by pulling content from within the message as a snippet if that content includes the keywords that were searched upon.
  • What to avoid at all cost: Duplicate pages, hidden links, hidden keywords (white on white, lists of keywords in the footer, etc.) redirecting users with masked URLs and other less-than-honest techniques. And Don’t SPAM your URL. All those bad practices  can get you seriously penalized by mother Google and other search engines. Search engines have a habit of filtering out websites that they feel are of low quality.
  • A natural way to get backlinks is to provide value to your audiences – Frequently updated unique content will encourage other sites that are relevant and established to link to your site. If people find meaningful and useful quality content there is a good chance they will link to that content. If lots of other sites choose to link to you, then your site will fare much better.
Note: You can’t guarantee anything about SEO…  Anyone who promises you “immediate results” is lying to you. SEO is a complex and ongoing process. Since the algorithms Search Engines use to determine ranking aren’t public no SEO expert in his right mind would guarantee that optimizing a site for SEO will yield a top ranking position. All you can do is play by the rules and hope for the best. There is no magic bullet.

These tips just touch the top of the iceberg when it comes to SEO. To learn more here’s a free SEO guide

The “death of SEO” Nonesense

SEO is still alive and kicking – Why SEO will never die…

Just for the record, SEO is the activity of ensuring you are well listed in the search engines and any search results that are offered to a user 4free.  Some have claimed SEO to be “dead” for over a decade now. The first major prediction of this was back in 1997, but it hasn’t died in 18+years, somehow, it has survived since then. We’ve heard the SEO is dead spiel over and over and over again and yet SEO is still alive and kicking and it isn’t going away any time soon… So don’t allow Free traffic and free opportunities go to waste…

‘Without Action You Aren’t going Anywhere’!  ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

The Death of SEO.

Please Note: These (above) are the claims of ‘some people’ working in all these fields. SEO Graphics by SEO Book


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