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Gotta Love Organic Traffic… Organic Traffic is FREE, What’s Not To Love?       + organic listings are more trusted by searchers than paid listings

ORGANIC TRAFFIC IS FREE - The Best Things in Life are FREE

Internet is not a library. Internet is not a monologue.

Internet is basically a large and open conversation….

Internet is basically a large and open conversation...

And affiliate marketing is a powerful way to increase awareness about any business and /or product. And the world’s largest private, public, and state-owned businesses know it. ClickBank, Amazon, eBay, etc.  have made Affiliate Marketing a crucial part of their marketing strategy. That’s great news for us, affiliates. Just remember, though…

Affiliate Marketing - How it worksAffiliate Marketing/Internet marketing/ Online marketing is a big puzzle that you put together from small pieces and that is what gives you profits… You see, most affiliates don’t realize that. You PRODUCE PROFITS from every little action you take. So here are a few small pieces of the puzzle that will make a HUGE difference…

Increase Organic Free Traffic – Avoid these 5 Stupid SEO mistakes

When it comes to obtaining rank within the SERPs, are you betting your brand success on a spin of the Google Roulette Wheel? Rolling the dice and hoping with fingers crossed that your site will magically land on page one is not the way to build ranking success.

ORGANIC TRAFFIC - MAKE MONEY ONLINE There’s a way to build ranking success. You can use S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) to your advantage to increase your Google Page Rank and get seen by more people for FREE… that means more clicks and more money if you are counting on your website for income. You just have to take some time to optimize your site/blog… That’s the beauty of Organic Traffic!

You have many alternatives to increase Organic traffic/ FREE targeted traffic, to your website. Fully benefit from Organic Traffic, by avoiding these 5 stupid SEO mistakes…


Affiliate Marketing for Beginners –  Stupid SEO Mistake #1 –  Publishing Crappy Content, Non Relevant Content or Duplicate Content

Organic TrafficThe best way to generate ORGANIC TRAFFIC to your website is providing both, your visitors and the search engines, quality content to justify the visit. You have to have something of value to offer not simply rehashed ideas that others have already published in the past. Think that each visit is an opportunity to retain your readers and a new occasion, for search engines to send you new traffic using keywords that you had not even considered using. Just do not ever forget that ‘garbage’ does not attract anyone however, quality content (perhaps ‘useful’ content would be a better description) that’s RELEVANT with the theme of your website is an unbeatable strategy. Ensure all titles are intriguing and you offer value and people soon will be blogging about you, writing about you and commenting in forums, twitter and Facebook with links to your content.

Content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the houseContent marketing should be the heart of your marketing strategy. And your content marketing strategy should include using CREATIVE content to create a great user experience in order to build relationships through storytelling. Here’s a “fact” of why you have to have something of value to offer. Recently, Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, labeled Guest blogging as ‘dead’ on his personal blog. But, what Cutts really condemned is poor, low-quality guest blogging. Again, it’s a matter of ‘quality over quantity’. You should evaluate social shares on each piece of content to see what has been working and what isn’t working. Social shares are a great indicator.

Google rankings - Make Money Online PdfThe issue of DUPLICATE CONTENT is also about Google knowing which page they should rank and which page they should not.  Since Google wants to display the most ‘USEFUL’, ‘RELEVANT’ CONTENT for each search term (or keyword), returning a page where every search result is showing the same content to searchers for the same query,  obviously has no logic.

So mother Google punishes both, POOR QUALITY CONTENT and DUPLICATE CONTENT, with poor rankings. This was the main motivation behind the Panda algorithm. Thus, your site ends up being penalized because of some poor content decisions you’ve made. So ask yourself if your website’s content is unique and relevant to the searcher’s inquiry or just points to another site that’s duplicated or off topic (?).

Most people want to understand everything about what you are selling inside and out before they decide to buy. Ask yourself if you are doing a good job at that (?) Are you helping your visitors understand your product or service (?) Even better ask them the question …

INTERNET IS A LARGE AND OPEN CONVERSATION - MAKE MONEY ONLINE PDFInternet is not a library. Internet is not a monologue. Internet is basically a large and open conversation. And you MUST join the conversation. So talk with your readers and interact with others online, whether or not it’s your website and even if you have not started the conversation.


Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – SEO Mistake #2 – Risking your Business with Black-hat Tactics

eVerify personal data :#16708573As black-hat tactics are squashed by Google’s algorithm, SEO is now going back to good old fashioned marketing.  Black Hat is the name given to the techniques that seek to manipulate the results shown in search engines. But these techniques or manipulative SEO tactics not only are not sustainable over time (search engines continually change their algorithms), but present a very high risk. This risk is quite real because search engines can remove your website from their database, meaning that traffic generated by that particular search engine is as good as gone! Get high authority sites backlinks without ever having to resort to spamming or other blackhat techniques. Build links naturally (preferably to highly relevant sites within your niche) that will ensure added rankings + huge amounts of long term organic traffic The key is: create your content in a way that allows others to link to your site and that prompts readers to share (audience engagement) + invest time and resources to ensure that your site is “good” on these fronts:

  • Quality
  • Uniqueness
  • Authority
  • Relevance
  • Trust

Quoting  Alan Bleiweiss: “Google is only going to get more restrictive, so the sooner you get on board with quality, uniqueness, authority relevance and trust, the sooner you’ll be properly positioned for sustainability’.


Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – SEO Mistake #3 – A love affair with marketing automation – Not creating your content from the ground up…
Words & Phrases that SELL like Crazy - MAKE MONEY ONLINE PDF - ORGANIC TRAFFIC

If you have auto-generated content, you are in deep trouble. The folks at Google can identify and block content that has clearly not been built by humans. Besides, you can’t attract and maintain a massive following without good content. Create original content that sets your site apart. Automation is good in certain processes, but it’s not good on creating unique, relevant, quality content. No automatic process will create this type of content for you. And in some cases, that type of content marketing may also constitute copyright infringement.

AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT - Content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the houseTraffic automation just increases page views, but there’s no AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT. The quality of traffic plays an important role when trying to generate engagement with your audience. Engagement will increase you direct and referral traffic, it leads to comments and social shares, and eventually to a great conversion rate of visitors to customersThe challenge here is to continue to engage and re-engage your audience. If you don’t accomplish this you cannot accomplish your objective. Engagement can’t be accomplished with automated content creation.

Make money online black-hat tactics + You're good as deadBelieve me, search engines are genius in detecting automated patterns in content creation. That’s one of the most obvious ways of trying to manipulate the search results… Make a false move and your site gets buried. If you get caught, your site will vanish from the search results, in other words, you’re as good as dead! No robotic content! Period.

Make Money Online Pdf - Organic Traffic - Perseverance , that’s all there is to it! Some people don’t like writing; or can’t find the time to do it; or don’t feel like putting their work out there for the world to see. So what’s the next natural step? Outsource it! Although, if you like writing but you’re not that good at it, well here’s the good news: you can get better! Perseverance… that’s all there is to it! To be a writer, all you need to do is write!

If cooking is your passion, and you have some knowledge in it, get into that marketplace. Stick to products that are a match to you, to your passion and your knowledge because that’s how it’s going to come across. So that’s the first thing. Choose products that you have interest in!


Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – SEO Mistake #4 – BO (backlink obsession)

Mistake #4 - BO (backlink obsession)

An effective method that Google uses to measure if a certain page is popular and worth reading is Backlinks. Links pointing to your site are similar to votes, indicating your site’s popularity and how your site compares with other sites on the net. The majority of search engines ranks the sites by their popularity. Google, Yahoo and Bing use backlinks as the most important factor when ranking sites.

In a recent Google Webmaster video, published on May 5th, Matt Cutts addressed the question “Will back-links lose their importance in ranking?”. “Not for at least several years,” says Cutts, but when working on any link building strategy focus on quality rather than quantity and above all, build back-links naturally to highly relevant sites within your niche that will guarantee higher rankings and increased long term organic traffic. I have very few backlinks pointing to my sites and  they are in Google Page 1 , above the fold, for the EMD (Exact match domain) keyword.

So, do not obsess over back-linking. Building successful backlinking means playing by the rules. BO (Backlink Obsession) is a death trap. You may end up playing the never ending game of continuously searching for black-hat link exchanges in the name of SEO. Don’t destroy with black-hat techniques what you have already built. Abusing Google’s terms of service can cost you a ranking penalty.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – SEO Mistake # 5 – S.E.O obsession

List Building For PROFIT - List Building for beginnersSearch Engine Optimization (S.E.O) is a great marketing strategy, but if you become obsessed with S.E.O you’ll forget that there are other equally valid ways to generate quality traffic and immediate results. ‘Buying traffic’ is not the only way to generate traffic fast… getting Tweets, LinkedIn, and Facebook mentions (social media marketing), links being passed in e-mails (e-mail marketing), guest posts, article writing, etc., all send traffic your way almost immediately! One of the most important proverbs of IM (Internet Marketing) is The Money is in the List. Email Marketing and List Building go together, like milk and cereal yet, building an email list is one of the most under-utilized methods of making money from your blog/ site (check out our Bonus #1, left). If you haven’t started List Building then start building a targeted email list today. Make that a priority! 

And Now 5 Mini SEO Tips to Help You Get an Edge on the Competition

These are 5 “small” SEO tips that you can implement fairly quickly that could, in the long run, give you an edge over your competitors in the search engines. These are important because most sites tend to ignore the smaller tips, and that’s where you can gain some ground. Sometimes it’s the small things you do with SEO for your site that can make the difference…



In conclusion…

Google chanOngoing Profitability - MAKE MONEY ONLINEges the way its ranking system and algorithm works all the time to PREVENT you from gaming the system for free (because they want to make that AdSense PPC money). AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. So, make a false move and your site gets buried. Make the right move, and Google will reward you with more traffic and more profit…

Here’s one of my happy customers….



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