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The TIMELESS Make Money Online Formula

First things first…


Your first target audience is always YOU. Because if YOU don’t believe in what YOU are doing, why would anyone else?  In the Age of the Individual, you have to be your own brand. Starting today you are a brand. For the Brand Called YOU trust is what you need. These days, the highest commodity that there is, is trust… If you want people to see you as a credible brand then act like a credible leader and lead by example…and Passion is basically what builds trust.

So I recommend that you pick a niche you are passionate about, that you’ll enjoy working on, and then find your own sub-niche to make yourself stand out. Health and fitness/weight loss is a big market. Weight loss for woman is a niche but still quite broad. Weight loss for women over 40 is a sub-niche.

That’s the first step. Then, you need to find a market where there are OTHER people interested in your passion, and products and/or services available to be sold to them. This is KEY, otherwise you’ll never make money from it no matter how passionate YOU are about it!  Then…


I am sure you agree that FOCUS is the KEY when it comes to make money online! This two marketing factors are key to get you focused when it comes to getting results online…

1. An irresistible offerRefferalsThe Make Money Online Formula - Make Money online PdfAnd the most effective way to sell your irresistible offer to hungry prospects is …

2. List Building

The Money is in The List - List Building For Beginners - Make Money Online Pdf

You know what they say, the money is in the list, and this is as true now as it ever was. Affiliate Marketing/ IM (Internet marketing) works particularly well if it is complemented with e-mail marketing. E-mail Marketing allows you to deliver your offers directly to the inbox of your subscribers… Now, how cool is that! Many marketers have been severely penalized by mother Google but have survived thanks to their list(s)… so yes, you can say that again, the money is in the list!

It is crucial that you develop a relationship with your list members because the more that your subscribers like you and trust your product recommendations the easier it will be to convert your subscriber base into repeat customers. Keep your emails relevant and focused. Do not overwhelm your subscribers with tons of offers at a time. You will quickly lose any trust and credibility that you may have earned from your previous communication. Focus instead in over-delivering on high quality content, and free tools and resources that are helpful and well received. You could offer Free ebooks, Free Reports, free newsletters, Free Designs or Templates, Free tutorials, Free Graphic Package, Free e-course, Free Sample Chapter (from a paid product) etc.

If you’re promoting affiliate offers don’t use the pre-made content offered by the product merchant. It has already been used by many ‘lazy email marketers’ out there! Stand apart from the crowd by developing your own unique promotional based content tailored so that it directly communicates with those who have subscribed to your lists

With these two resources alone and (not affiliate links jeje), you will have an unlimited number of products available to promote to your list where you will earn a commission each time one of your list subscribers purchases the product using your referral link.

And now buckle up… Here’s how it worksConvey a message

KISS – Keep it simple s**pid…

Add buyers to your list at no costThat’s it. Set up once and forget about… Awesome!

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